Robofloor is a loading and unloading machine for the storage of fired material on particularly simple and large platforms.

These contain up to 400 sqm moved with shuttles.

The platforms with stored tiles are unloaded to supply other lines by the same machine with unloading functions.

Robofloor is ideal to operate with any size ranging from 100x100 to 1800x1800 mm.

Tile layers are collected by the roller conveyor (loading) and deposited on the storage platform and then they are taken from the platform (unloading), always using a "vacuum level", and deposited on a roller conveyor and laid out in single rows using a bench.

Robofloor consists of a row former, a square rolling tables o square benches, a roller conveyor to perfectly set the tile layers side by side and a vacuum level that moves on two axes (vertical and horizontal), whose vacuum is created by 2 electric fans or via suction cups with a vacuum pump.

Robofloor is simple and sturdy and has an operating cycle that has no downtime.