Kiln loading/unloading units


Our technology to manage the kiln loading and unloading systems is based on driving units that allow great precision in belt formation delicately handling the tiles.

The ability to store up to 25 different speed combinations and to change them automatically allows excellent performance, while a compensator with variable capacity compensates for any short power cuts.

Our kiln unloading technology consists of multi-speed roller conveyors and mobile barriers that allow to align significant amounts of tiles. At the output, tile rows are collected by a belt which, depending on production lines, can consist of:

  • 1. A single, fixed or mobile unit;
  • 2. two units divided in the middle of the muffle with output on two external sides;
  • 3. two units divided in the middle of the muffle with output on two levels to quickly clear the unloading area;
  • 4. two belts as long as the muffle, placed on two different levels, so that while one of the levels is unloading, the other one is loading.

Row collection using a belt table is also possible, it being recommended for large sizes. The output is complete with an emergency band running on rollers.

Alternatively, can you use the universal stacker which can be equipped with an automatic insertion system onto the line of the material sent?

Kiln loading:

Kiln unloading:

Emergency with kiln outlet reset:

Find compatible accessories
  • Square aligner
  • Compensator with roll-up flaps for multiple size tiles
  • Corner control system
  • Tiles integrity control
  • Simple integrity control
  • Round belt curves
  • Round 4 curves
  • Belt curves
  • Roller curves
  • Row former
  • Self-centring side guides
  • Flat roller tile turner
  • Chain stacker
  • 90° universal stacker
  • Removable wheeled engober
  • Double tank engober
  • Porcelain polishing machine
  • Emergency band
  • Roller scrap cutter on belts
  • Motorised splitter
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