Kiln loading units with maxi-compensers


When using the "direct" production system, it is recommended to use the variable capacity Maxi-compensatori (Maxi-compensators) at the kiln inlet, which can be installed in the battery (up to 3).

Each Maxi-compensatore (Maxi-compensator) can store up to 250 sqm, thereby allowing for long autonomy when powering the oven if the upstream system production should stop. Furthermore, it does not require format change interventions and maintenance over time due to the slow movements.

The maxi-compensator consists of:

  • - A fixed structure with 4 support columns and vertically moving grids to contain horizontal layers of tiles.
  • - Motorised roller conveyor with covered rollers to load and unload tiles
  • - Special lifting system that lifts the grid unit perfectly horizontal
  • - Photocells to control pitch and tile presence
Find compatible accessories
  • Corner control system
  • Compensator with flaps
  • Round belt curves
  • 4-belt curve
  • Belt curve
  • Roller curve
  • Row former
  • Flat roller tile turner
  • Removable wheeled engober
  • Double tank engober
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