The Casalgrande-based company controlled by System SpA Group conquers ceramics businesses in Brazil, South Africa, and the United States with its impressive technology.

Nuova Era is continuing non-stop to supply systems for high production ceramic plants. The Casalgrande company, controlled by System SpA and specialized in technology for the ceramic industry, has secured a new supply contract with Viva Pisos e Revestimentos LTDA, a leading company joining the large group of the best Brazilian ceramic tile companies that have already chosen Nuova Era’s Italian expertise. The plant serves a kiln with a daily output of 22,000 sq.m of 45x45 cm size tiles, operates directly with no storage units, and includes press collecting units with connections, three-tunnel dryer loading and unloading units, a kiln infeed with two maxi-compensators, kiln unloading units, and a number of connections and accessories.
In Oklahoma, USA, Nuova Era has contributed to technologically upgrading the Daltile Muskogee plant. Size change occurs automatically including guides in this ceramic tile company. The supply for sizes ranging from 15X15 to 45X45 includes a Robobox unit for the raw material storage system, kiln loading and unloading units, two Robobox units for a fired material storage system, as well as a number of accessories and connections.
Nuova Era’s comprehensive, flexible solutions have also been adopted by Norcros. The plant purchased by this South African company is designed according to customer requirements, and serves two kilns with a daily capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 sq.m of single-fired tiles in sizes ranging from 20X20 to 60X60. The plant also includes conveyors and connections between the various machines, as well as two kiln unloading units, two Buffer version Robofloor units, and two connection lines complete with accessories.