Thanks to the supplies to Zao Keramin in Saint Petersburg and to the Belorussian Keramin Minsk, Nuova Era widens its presence on the Russian ceramic tile market, proving that also the plants for double-firing products point out the functionality of the “made in Italy projects” of this company managed by System Group. Within December 2012 are going to be delivered to Zao Keramin factory two kiln unloading units, two connection lines with accessories and five Robofloor, platforms loading/unloading machines for the storage of fired tiles. This plant can produce 7.600m²/day on each kiln of double-firing wall tiles sizes from 200mmX300mm to 600mmX900mm.
In Belarus the partnership with Keramin Minsk has been continuing for some year and this company in February 2013 will receive the machines of the 2nd  phase of Nuova Era’s last supply for the Gres Porcelain tile’s production sizes from 300mmX300mm to 600mmX1200mm. This supply consists of three glazing lines with respective fittings, four Robobox machines for green ware box (60 layers each) loading/unloading, a kiln loading unit, two kiln unloading units with connection lines with fittings and two fired tiles storage systems on platforms called Robofloor.