“Biancogres” has been the first company to test Nuona Era’s innovative storage system (System Group) planned to feed their high production kilns through Maxicompensers, which has succeeded in improving the storage process avoiding the non-feedings which would cause empty spaces in the kiln.
The first-rate results got with the first plant, which has been started up just one year ago, have convinced the Biancogres top management to choose again Nuova Era’s technology, continuing their co-operation.
Nuova Era has received the order for a new plant which will be delivered within December 2012. The kiln (3.150 mm wide) daily production is 21.000 m² of Gres Porcelain Tiles sizes from 600mmX600mm up to 800mmX800mm. The supply consists of a double table kiln loading unit with compenser, four Maxicompensers having an high production configuration, four Robofloor machines for fired tiles storage with platforms loading unloading functions, four connection lines with fittings.
These machines, built according to Nuova Era’s technology, have an essential peculiarity: the connection system among the machines has been set up in such a way to optimize the “direct” production which, concerning fired ware in the kiln exit, can also be finished through squaring and polishing operations to improve the finished product